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Hardcore's Chaos and Shocka pups due!!! 3/1/2009

Thatís right. Chaos and Shocka have been bred for the 1st time! This is the TIGHTEST Tank and Lexus breeding that can possibly be done. No other two dogs alive can produce a tighter Tank and Lexus pedigree than these two dogs. Puppies will be DNA-VIP. Our foundation stud bred to our foundation female, what more can you say.

For availability and pricing call Brian at (864)-809-0553
or email


Nuggz & Jazz


Hardcore's Nuggz ďThe Last Great Tuffy Son"
has been bred to Hardcore's Jazz. Jazz is a daughter of our very own Hardcore's Iceman and Hardcore's Firefly. This is 3 generations of Hardcore Kennelís blood and should produce extra short, thick dogs with
tons of bone and great temperments.

For more info and availability contact Brian at (864)-809-0553 or
Chris at (864)-706-0870
or email

(We added an extra picture of Jazz so you can see a little more of her besides just the tie shot, more pictures of Nuggz can be viewed on the males page.)

jazz_222           jazz